Pro Quadcopter – Hexicopter – UAV – Drone Pilot

Been flying since 2012  on a range of Multiroters (Drones – Quadcopters), all over Australia from the super easy plastic toy Phantoms and Mavics up to the 130kmph custom built machines..

Experienced in line of site flying, LCD screens and the super fast, manual FPV goggle flying.

Over 1000 flights with Multirotors, we even design build and fly our very own custom high performance machines.

We can travel anywhere in Australia to get the shots you need. Combine this with the ability to shoot on land and underwater with a full production team, we got you covered.

We are highly skilled flying in full manual modes for real seat of your pants flying where no GPS or auto level mode is used.

You are not just employing a simple UAV operator to get the aerial shots you need, you are employing a team of experienced media producers who know how to shoot, edit and produce video productions from underwater, land and the air.

Paul Wags 0428 298 007