Cairns Real Estate Photography & Video

When it comes time to sell your property, having nice images is a must. We have done countless shoots in an around Cairns and surrounding areas.

A virtual tour video is also a great medium to use to complement the images. This is where the video camera is flown through the property giving one a real feel to the place.

Your video tours can be embed right into listing.  Loss count of how many I have done around Cairns now.

We also offer aerial video and images, depending on the property’s location, by teaming up with a local CASA UOC approved license holder.

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Aerial Video & Images

Twomey Schriber Property Group

The Real Estate pro’s say that people wont watch a video that’s longer than a couple minutes, that is true, but you only need ONE potential buyer that’s really interested in the property to watch it. And watch it they will, over and over and over and over.

If you think long videos do not work and are a complete waste of time, then you had better have a look at what Angela Martin up there in Kuranda is doing with her 10 minute+ long videos 🙂

She does not even worry about looking for new vendors anymore, they find and contact her. 🙂

On average it takes just 90 minutes on location to shoot 15 images and a video tour including up to 3 scenes with the agent on the radio mic.

The video and images are edited in house, so you get them the next morning. Video is loaded to your YouTube channel or ours which then can be embed right into your listing.

We can also wetransfer you the file so you can load it up to your YouTube channel yourself plus have a copy on your computer or tablet.

Custom high end shoots are available on request, the bigger the budget, the better the finished product you get.

Angela Martin Real Estate

Karl Latham Michelle Boyes Elite Cairns

Paul Sheldon Realestate

Lost count of how many shoots I have done now around Cairns, but I do know the smart agents use video. Short or long videos, it does not matter. If people are really interested in a property, they will watch a video over and over.Karl and Michelle are fun to work with.

Paul Sheldon branched out on his own, shooting a video is now part of every one of his listings along with the normal images.

Twomey Schriber Property Group - Rentals

Dean Grey from Cairns Property Office

A video is even great for rentals. 🙂

Dean Grey from Cairns Property Office in action.

Modern Rustic Home Builders

Nickoli Obersky from One Stop Property

Modern Rustic Home Builders.

Nickoli Obersky from One Stop Property, over 100 videos for Nick.

Wayne Vowles Realestate

Sonia Poole Ray White Cairns

Clifton Beach Cairns Holiday Home

John Pirie Twomey Schriber Property

Shane Trimby Cairns Property Office

Kenick Display Home